Current books by John Potter


The Way Things Are

This books tells of John Potter's walk to freedom from the matters in the social environment that press us down. It has three parts:  The God Factor and Human Agency - how humans can live constructively; Living Together in Households and the Ecclesia - how we can live together harmoniously;  and Living in the Kingdom of God - living as sons of God.



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The Spirit of Prophecy - The Second Wave and One New Man


In 1963 a first wave of Charismatic blessing began to touch believers in the 'old' churches in the Western World. The All People's Prayer Assembly in the Pacific Region believes that another wave reached Israel in 2017. John Potter asks 'can these things be so' and gives testimony of his own leadings over two sabbaticals (2001-2015). He also asks the question: 'If there is a wave coming, what is the Lord expecting of us, His sons in this time of 'the restoration of All Things (Acts 3:21).  Hard copies from $11.00 plus postage

The Carbon Story


The Malthus/Huxley elitist project aimed at reducing the human population continues. Hitler made eugenics unpopular so in 1946 the evolutionists turned to the environment as the focus for their push to help evolution produce the superman. Julian Huxley's great nephew, Crispin Tickell, currently leads the project. It was he that established the UN-IPCC (1988-1989), the Climate Institute (with Al Gore, 1990) and the Earth Summit, Brazil (1992). John Potter provides clear proof the carbon is not a pollutant, that there is no hot spot in the troposphere, no green house effect and no green house gases. We need to put down what is undoubtedly the greatest scam in human history. 


Travels in Africa


The Potter family spent just over two years living in Malawi (1977-1979). John recalls some of his learning experiences, walking as 'sons of God' in a cross- cultural environment. This is an easy read - hard copies are good handouts to friends, and as cheap as a birthday card.

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Business... And The Common Man 

Why are some people better at business than others? What  is the best business system for society as a whole? More to the point, how does God want His land managed? John  Potter explores these questions from a Christian viewpoint

Planet Earth - God's Dominion

We humans were created to assist God manage the Cosmos.... so, we need to  know something about it! This book outlines what John Potter has discovered about Physical Geography over a life- time of discovery


Carbon Worksheets

No more Climate Change nonsense - these are the Fact Sheets and lesson guides every sane person needs!

An Introduction to the World of Plants

This is not a complete text, simply an introduction to the botanical world for the budding gardener