Articles in Veritas E-Journal


The Climate Change Dogma: The Gospel According to Thomas Malthus (2009)


The Decline and Fall of Universities Revisited (2010)


An Agency Crisis in Schools and Its Relationship to an Uncertain Ontology (2010)


The Climate Change Dogma: Five Minutes Before Midnight (2010)


Primary School Mathematics: What Are We Teaching (2010)


The Introduction of Marine Parks in South Australia (2011)


Are There Too Many People on the Planet? (2011)


Conflict Diffusion, Political Legitimacy and Social Wholeness (2011)


How the West Was Lost: Spengler Revisited (2012)


What's In a Name?


Our Humanness: Ontological Considerations (2013)


Our Humanity: Psychological Considerations (2014)





Mont de Dieu Curriculum Materials - Selected Modules


The Biblical Framework of World History


HOO: Introduction (1989)


H01: The Patriarchs (1989)


H03: The Great Apostasy (1995)


H04:Egypt (1995)


H05: The Fall & Restoration of Jerusalem (1992)

The Human Dimension


HD01: Humanness (1991)


HD03: Knowledge (1991)


HD04: Communication & Relationships (1992)


HD05: Ordered Life (1992)

Occasional Papers: Christian Life & Practice


The Needs Survey (1975)


Guidance (1984)


The History of the Church (1985)


Adventures with the Amorites (1989)


In One Accord (1990)


The Perfection of the Saints - A Manual for the Healing Ministry (1992)


Government, Leadership and Decision Making in the Ecclesia (1998)

Paraclete Institute Courses


Certificate IV in Christian Counselling - Theory (2006)


Certificate IV in Christian Couonselling - Workship Manuel (2006)


Certificate IV in Christian Counselling - Tutorial Letter (2006)

Agricultural Department. Adelaide, South Australia


Selected Extension Articles


A Method for Seeding Lucerne on Sandy Soils (1965)


Wind Erosion - The 1964 Season (1965)


Subdivision on Mallee Farms (1971)


Pollution in Agriculture (1972)


Soil Testing: The Bicarbonate Phosphorus Test (1975)


Selected Research Reports


A Simplified Air Pycnometer (1968)


The Revegetation of Scalded Lands in the Pastoral Areas (1972)


Selected Papers in Rural Sociology


A Technique for Involving Farmers in Planning Extension Programs (1974)


An Iniitial Approach in the Involvement of Farmers in an Extension Program (1977)


A Case Study of Group Learning (1977)